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May 2015

NCBFAA Looks to Utilize CBP Relationship with Importer Customers

Known ImporterThe NCBFAA has developed a new program for Importers entitled the “Broker Known Importer Program (BKIP). The purpose of BKIP is to establish a process whereby licensed customs brokers can identify importers who are exercising reasonable care in connection with their import related activities. CBP realizes that the custom broker in most cases has a relationship with their importers and is willing to address compliance issues prior to entry of cargo. CBP is looking to provide the importer with some benefits for having engaged in the process. To enroll, importers will need to complete an in-depth questionnaire and review regarding their organization with their customs broker. JAS Forwarding can help importers take advantage of this new program. This is a voluntary program and is geared toward the regular importer.

From the NCBFAA.

"CBP has expressed an interest in utilizing the relationship with brokers have with their importer customers to assist with the CBP mission. The National Customers Brokers and Forwarders Association of America, Inc. Has developed a concept which would provide a way for CBP to realize additional benefits from this relationship. The thought behind this program is that there are a limited number of importers who will avail themselves with the Importer Self-Assessment and Trusted Trader Programs."

If you would like more information on being added to the Broker Known Importer Program, please contact your JAS representative!

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