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CPB and OTR Working on MPF Restructuring

March 18, 2016

taxes due.pngU.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (OTR) are working to restructure the Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) due to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  Further information has been provided regarding the proposed plan for restructuring the way we currently calculate MPF.  MPF is currently calculated on 0.3464 percent with a minimum of $25.  The restructuring MPF would affect all formal entries at a minimum of $30 MPF.  

From Express Trade Capital on the restructuring: 

"Rather than being calculated on an ad valorem basis, which is prohibited under TPP, the MPF would be a charged as a flat fee based on the value of the shipment. The MPF is currently calculated at 0.3464 percent of entered value for entries above $2,500, with a minimum fee of $25 and capped at $485 per entry. This restructured MPF would affect all formal entries imported into the U.S. with the fee breakdown being as follows:

  •  Minimum $30 MPF on entries valued between $2,501 and $20,000
  • $120 MPF on entries valued from $20,001 to $55,000
  • $260 MPF on entries valued from $55,001 to $130,000
  • Maximum $500 MPF on entries valued at more than $130,000"

See the full blog article from Express Trade Capital here

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