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Feds Seeking New Ideas to Achieve 100 Percent Cargo Container Scanning

The Department of Homeland Security recently extended for a third time the deadline for complying with a congressionally mandated requirement of 100 percent scanning of U.S.-bound maritime cargo containers. However, DHS is also soliciting new ideas on how to meet this requirement, an effort that has some business groups concerned.

From the original article: 

The SAFE Port Act of 2006 requires all maritime cargo containers admitted into the U.S. to be scanned through non-intrusive inspection and radiation detection equipment in a foreign port prior to being loaded on a U.S.-bound ship. The original deadline for achieving this goal was July 1, 2012, but DHS has now invoked three successive two-year waivers, the latest running through 2018. Officials have said compliance is virtually impossible with available resources and technology and conflicts with the department’s general approach to risk management, which seeks to focus scarce inspection resources on the highest-risk containers. Most recently, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson told Congress in May 2014 that the department’s “ability to fully comply with this unfunded mandate of 100 per cent scanning, even in the long term, is highly improbable, hugely expensive and, in our judgment, not the best use of taxpayer resources to meet this country's port security and homeland security needs.”

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