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Amazon Has Announced its 1st Air Drone Delivery Trial in the UK!

January 5, 2016

airdroneOn December 14, 2016, Amazon announced that it has started a small private drone delivery trial in the U.K. They are currently working with two shoppers who can now order their goods by drone. Over time, Amazon plans to expand this trial to a few dozen shoppers who live within a few miles of its Prime Air fulfillment center around Cambridge in the UK.

From the Tech Crunch story: 

"The first delivery was on December 7th and didn’t fly too far, but this is still a major step for Prime Air, which looked like little more than an early April Fools’ joke when Amazon first announced this project. The drones are loaded in a fulfillment center and then rolls out of the hall on rails, after which they take off. The full flight happens autonomously, including the landing, and the idea is to ensure that all deliveries arrive within 30 minutes."

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