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JAS Forwarding, Inc. Deploys for Advance Screening of Air Cargo

April 3, 2017

descartesDescartes Systems Group, the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, announced that JAS Forwarding Inc. is using the cloud-based Descartes Air Cargo Advance Screening solution to provide enhanced security for air cargo coming into the United States.

The Air Cargo Advanced Screening initiative was created by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to gather data concerning the parties and commodities involved in air cargo prior to its loading on an aircraft at a foreign port. The initiative is currently in the pilot phase allowing CBP to collaborate with the air industry to determine the most effective means of achieving the desired regulatory results without affecting the speed of air cargo operations.

“Technology innovation remains a cornerstone of our mission to ensure worldwide transparency and an efficient supply chain for our customers by delivering their cargo on time and securely,” said Laurie Arnold, Regulatory Compliance Officer at JAS Forwarding Inc. “With the Descartes solution, we’re not only an early adopter of the ACAS pilot program but are sharing information with CBP further back in the supply chain to help identify high-risk air shipments into the U.S. while accelerating the movement of low-risk shipments.”


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