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Oriented Import System Regulations and Implementation

March 21, 2016

FSMA Veg sm.jpgThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced a public meeting that was held on March 21, entitled “FDA Food Safety Modernization Act:  Prevention-Oriented Import System Regulations and Implementation.”  The public meeting provided importers and other interested persons an opportunity to discuss import safety regulations and programs, including final rules for foreign supplier verification programs for importers of food and human and animals and accreditation of third-party certification bodies.  Every importer of food will soon need to assess the potential hazard of the food product they import and verify that the supplier has established preventive controls to address those hazards.


From the official FDA constituent update: 

"Participants will also be briefed on the status of FDA’s Voluntary Qualified Importer Program, which is still in development. Additionally, the public meeting will provide importers and other interested persons an opportunity to discuss FDA’s comprehensive planning effort for the next phase of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act implementation relating to import safety programs, which includes establishing the operational framework for these programs and plans for guidance documents, training, education, and technical assistance. The meeting is also designed to answer questions about these import programs and provide an opportunity for interested persons to make public comments."


Get the official FDA story here

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