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Why Audit My Import and Export Files?


International trade is fast paced, rewarding, and exciting. It is also risky in too many ways for this article to address. Imports and exports both have their own specific forms of risk and varying levels of penalties associated with failure to comply with requirements. They range from small monetary penalties to prison terms for the most serious violations and highest levels of culpability. The good news is that there are simple ways to help manage and minimize that risk, and those simple ways are often viewed by enforcement agencies as mitigating factors when making a final penalty determination. How?


Auditing a representative sample of import and export files for key criteria is an effective method of creating a snapshot of the actual current condition of an importer/exporter’s compliance program. Picking key criteria relevant to a specific importer/exporter and being disciplined about measuring those elements will produce data to support a process change or provide confidence that those criteria are compliant! AND, if the criteria is compliant, then perhaps a change to the criteria is in order for more opportunities for improvement.


Does your import/export program have a policy on auditing? Is it being followed? Do you know the risks for your specific trade profile? Contact JAS Forwarding USA Compliance Team today and we can help!

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