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December 2016

Did You Know SantaAre you a compliant traveler?  Things NOT to Do on an Airplane

As we approach the holiday season, the goal is to not only be safe but to also be as pleasant as possible.  However, sometimes we get in our own way! 

JAS Compliance would like to give you a few helpful tips on what not to do if you are on an airplane and make your travel easier.    

Don’t tune out the safety briefing.

Don’t joke about bombs.

Don’t recline your seat during meal times.

Don’t eat smelly foods.

Don’t drink too much.

Don’t abuse the flight attendant call button.

Don’t put your carry-on in an overhead bin where you are not sitting.

Don’t inflict your feet on other passengers. 


Happy Holidays and Safe Travels to you this Holiday Season!      

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