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December 19, 2014

New Revisions To The U.S. Sanctions On Cuba Not As Liberating As You Would Think

Cuba SanctionsThe recent revisions to the U.S. sanctions on Cuba has generated a great deal of press coverage and, not surprisingly, more enthusiasm than accuracy. Here are a few bloopers we have seen recently.

The NBC outlet in Miami announced that the new regulations, released on January 15, would permit “South Florida cigar shops [to] soon be able to carry cigars from Cuba.” The only delay would be the time it will take those shops to “stock up” on the cigars. Nope. The amended section 515.560(c)(3) can bring back these products “for personal use only.” It comes as less of a shock that the online news outlet Havana Times would say this:

"The only thing you have to do to go to Cuba is book your travel. No government forms, no permissions, no license. Just go."

Nope, again. U. S. travelers have to qualify for one of the twelve general licenses set out in 515.560. 


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