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December 9, 2015

The Federal Trade Commission has Imposed Civil Pentalties on Four National Retailers for Mislabeling and Advertising Rayon Textiles as Made of "Bamboo" Fibers

FINESThe Federal Trade Commission has announced proposed court orders imposing 1.3 million in penalties against four retailers.  The fines are due to a settlement based on wrongly labeling bamboo materials.    The complaints allege that the four importers broke the law by continuing to misrepresent products of bamboo despite the warning letters from the FTC in 2010.  In 2013, several other importers settled a combined 1.26 million to settle similar FTC claims.  

Jessica Rich, Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection is quoted as saying the following in a statement on the matter:

"It's misleading to call bamboo that has been chemically processed into rayon simply 'bamboo'. With consumers in the midst of their holiday shopping, it's important for them to know that textiles marketed as environmentally friendly alternatives may not be as 'green' as they were led to believe."

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